June 30, 2021
Jun 30

What’s next? Rare health planning in a changing COVID world

In partnership with the Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham’s Disease Alliance (LGDA), AllStripes was honored to welcome Dr. Dorry Segev, the Associate Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, for a half-hour conversation about rare health planning in a world that continues to change from the pandemic.

Topics covered:

  • What questions rare disease patients and caregivers may want to ask their doctors
  • What data is saying about immunocompromised patients and COVID vaccines
  • The impact of real-world data in driving forward research

Disclaimer: This event is an informational webinar and should not be considered medical or clinical advice.

About AllStripes

AllStripes is a platform that makes it easy for rare disease patients and caregivers to contribute to drug development research from home.

AllStripes improves the speed and design of drug trials by extracting and analyzing research-grade data from de-identified medical records, creating a pool of new knowledge about each rare condition.



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