How it works

1. Sign up

In just 15-20 minutes, create your private account, authorize us to get to work on your behalf and share the names of your health facilities. No appointments, no uploads.

2. We get to work

The AllStripes team does the work to collect your records, at no cost, in your secure account. Access doctors’ notes you may have never seen and view your care journey.

3. Power research

Our team de-identifies your records by removing information like name and address, and analyzes your community’s data to help jumpstart or speed up new treatment research.

Benefits to joining

Power to the patients

Benefits to joining

Have a voice in research

Your de-identified records, and your input through surveys, can help guide treatment research.

Access your medical records

We collect your records, at no cost, in your secure account. View doctors’ notes and your care journey.

Learn from your community

Receive updates on your research impact.
I joined AllStripes to help provide a more comprehensive view of the effects and complexities of SCD, and also to help reduce the stigma we face and accelerate the development of cures and treatment options.
community builder and founder of Sikcell
I joined AllStripes to be a part of a community of people who are brought together by the willingness and drive to make an impact.
advocate who lives with achondroplasia
I joined AllStripes because they can empower patients to take control of their health care.
sarcoidosis Ambassador

Access your records, drive research