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We chose the name AllStripes to honor rare disease patients and caregivers. The zebra is the global symbol for the rare disease community – the name AllStripes represents the collective strength and impact of patients coming together and sharing their experiences.

Through the AllStripes platform, you have the power to advance rare disease research for your (or your loved one’s) rare condition. AllStripes’ blend of tech and research expertise is helping cut a new path for treatments across all rare diseases.

How does the name change affect patients and caregivers on the platform? We hope you love the new name, and enjoy our new look! There is no need to take any action but you’ll notice a few changes going forward:

  • You can now access your account here at allstripes.com and you’ll be redirected if you visit our old site at rdmd.com
  • All emails will come from AllStripes, including research updates and exclusive content, so look for us in your inbox
  • We’re now AllStripes on social media as well! Follow us (if you aren’t already) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for research updates, and rare disease news and events.

Did the company change ownership? Nope, we’re not changing ownership or company structure, and the same dedicated team is at work behind the scenes. We’re changing our name because we are in this fight for the long haul. We wanted a name that honors the strength of rare disease patients and reflects our commitment to the community.

What’s next for AllStripes? Our name is changing, but AllStripes is still the first and only research platform dedicated to rare diseases. We’re working hard each month to add more conditions to the platform and to move forward research that will lead to new and better treatments.

You’ll continue to see improvements to the site in coming months, and we’re excited to share some new features that will help you learn from the experiences of other patients in your community.

With our new name, we’re ready to build the next chapter and reach even more research milestones for our rare disease families. Thank you for being with us on this journey to power faster, better drug development for rare diseases!

If you have any questions regarding the name change, please message us at support@allstripes.com.