HemoShear study: JUMP (Journey to Understand MMA and PA)

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About our partner: HemoShear Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing drugs that profoundly improve the lives of people born with rare metabolic defects who are unable to sustain basic biochemical processes necessary for life. HemoShear is currently conducting a clinical trial for HST5040, their experimental drug treatment for MMA and PA.

The company is interested in better understanding the clinical features, the natural history and the progression of these diseases over time to help advance their drug development program.

Study goal

Through the JUMP (Journey to Understand MMA and PA) study, HemoShear aims to:

  • Understand the diagnosis and medical journeys of patients living with MMA and PA
  • Learn about laboratory testing, medical and dietary interventions of MMA and PA patients
  • Understand MMA and PA symptoms, health complications and other disease-related conditions
  • Track the progression of symptoms and medical treatment as patients grow over time

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AllStripes is a platform that makes it easy for rare disease patients and caregivers to contribute to drug development research from home.

AllStripes improves the speed and design of drug trials by extracting and analyzing research-grade data from de-identified medical records, creating a pool of new knowledge about each rare condition.

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