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Learn more about the AllStripes Ambassador Program and how you can be involved.

By AllStripes

The goal of AllStripes’ Ambassador Program is to empower individuals and families to share their experiences, raising awareness about rare disease in their communities and beyond. When patients, parents, caregivers, and loved ones raise their voices, more people are educated about their rare conditions and gain a better understanding of the work AllStripes does.

To date, we have Ambassadors from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany. We asked one of our Ambassadors, Maria, why she agreed to become an AllStripes Ambassador.

“By joining AllStripes, we’re empowering ourselves, our stories and our knowledge for both Morquio A and B,” says Maria.

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Photo courtesy of Maria.

The AllStripes Ambassador Program began in January 2019. It started in six conditions with fewer than ten Ambassadors. Now, there are over 150 Ambassadors across 40 conditions. Some of our most recent programs include: ALD, Batten disease, IRF2BPL, Morquio A, Morquio B and sickle cell disease. Becoming an AllStripes Ambassador is optional.

What does being an AllStripes Ambassador entail?

  • Share AllStripes as a resource to your community using the natural ways you already talk to your community — including social media, email and events.
  • Be featured as a leader in your community on our website, blog, social media and more.
  • Enjoy fun perks like swag and exclusive opportunities to help improve our product!

Most recently, our AllStripes Senior Patient Engagement Manager, Erin Smith, was interviewed by host Shivani on The Rare Disorders Podcast and shared a deeper dive into our work. Take a listen! If you or someone you know are interested in becoming one of our AllStripes Ambassadors, reach out to Erin at to learn more.

Originally posted at February 14, 2019

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