August 24, 2021

AllStripes Is a Public Benefit Corporation

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AllStripes officially reincorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) in August 2021. A benefit corporation is a for-profit company that weighs social good in its business decision-making.

At AllStripes, our mission is to unlock new treatments for people affected by rare disease. As a Public Benefit Corporation we commit to:

Driving forward research for the rare disease community

  • We commit to keeping the needs of the rare disease community at the center of our work, and research impact as our North Star.
  • We will continue to build tools that make research more inclusive and empower more people to participate in rare disease research.
  • We will advocate for the importance of real-world evidence, generated through the experiences and feedback of the rare disease community, in guiding research goals and supporting regulatory strategies.

Creating technology to break down research silos

  • We will focus on developing tools and processes that can be beneficial across rare conditions, helping research programs run more efficiently and effectively.
  • We aim to make de-identified data accessible through research collaborations, to maximize the opportunities to power development of new treatments.
  • We will seek opportunities to bring families, foundations, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions together to work towards the shared goal of better treatments.

Embodying our mission and values in all of our operations

  • We believe the more people working on each condition the better, so AllStripes will never provide exclusivity to any one partner.
  • We will conduct ongoing outreach to include communities that have traditionally been under-represented in research.
  • Individuals and families affected by rare disease will always own their own data on the AllStripes platform and retain the ability to withdraw their participation.
  • We will set a new standard for transparency in treatment development, by holding ourselves and our partners accountable for sharing our progress and what we learn with the community on an ongoing basis.

We plan to report out to our community on an annual basis to share our progress toward our public benefit impact.

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