Rare Life
March 28, 2022

When Every Day Is Rare Disease Day

Featured imageA collage of people from the rare disease community.
The #RareSnapshots that drive our work all year round.

Last month, we asked the rare disease community to post a #RareSnapshot in honor of this year’s Rare Disease Day. The campaign was introduced with a video featuring three of our Ambassadors — Lindsey, Maria and Jessica — showcasing a snippet from a day in their lives. For over a week, the community rallied together to share photos from their rare journeys. These photos are varied and nuanced, and they highlight powerful moments of frustration, joy, sadness, friendship, awareness and advocacy.

Images of people in the rare disease community.

We’re grateful to everyone who contributed their #RareSnapshot, and to everyone who works hard spreading awareness and advocating all year round.

To see more, check out #RareSnapshot on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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