August 24, 2021

AllStripes Raises $50 Million in Series B Funding to Transform Rare Disease Research

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The AllStripes team is thrilled to announce we’ve raised $50 million in Series B financing to greatly expand our impact and continue building the leading research platform in rare disease.

This support will make it possible for us to launch 100 new rare disease research programs, grow our global reach to include more communities and develop new features for patients, families and our research partners.

AllStripes’ mission is to unlock new treatments for people affected by rare disease, and we are grateful to have the support of a passionate community, partners and backers.

The B financing is led by Lux Capital, and includes a strong coalition of funders and angel investors, including Leila Zegna, Director of the Kabuki Syndrome Foundation. We’re incredibly proud that our investors have recognized the progress we’ve made and are thankful for their continued support of our vision to transform rare disease research. For more investor details you can check out the full press release.

In addition to expanding our impact, this new funding will enable technology and data automation enhancements to improve research insights, and allow us to invest in growing our dedicated team working to make rare disease research faster and better.

“Beginning research on a rare condition can feel like being dropped into a new world without a map and we are on a mission to change that with data,” said Nancy Yu, CEO and Co-founder of AllStripes. “This investment will allow us to better support the rare disease community, where each person’s experience is essential to understanding disease progression — ultimately leading to new treatments for rare disease patients around the globe.”

Bringing Communities and Researchers Together

AllStripes is currently partnering with more than 30 patient advocacy organizations across 40 conditions, with more than 3,000 patients and families using our platform to access their own records and contribute to current or future research.

As we look to this next stage of growth and adding 100 new research programs, we are uniquely positioned to continue bringing together patient communities, researchers and drug companies to move research forward.

These joint research programs aim to enhance clinical understanding of rare disease treatment research. In one recent example, AllStripes and the University of Pennsylvania’s Orphan Disease Center are focused on clinical understanding of Lesch-Nyhan disease and Crigler Najjar syndrome type 1, with the goal of facilitating therapeutic discovery for both conditions.

“There are more than 7,000 rare diseases and only 5 percent have treatments. By working with AllStripes, we hope to improve the number of treatments available by accelerating research for rare diseases,” said James M. Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., Rose H. Weiss Professor and Director of the Orphan Disease Center; Director, Gene Therapy Program at the University of Pennsylvania; Professor in Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine.

Becoming a Public Benefit Corporation

As we mark this funding milestone, AllStripes is also reaffirming our ongoing commitment to the rare disease community and pledging to embody our mission and values in all of our operations.

This month, AllStripes officially became a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), with a stated purpose to drive forward research for the rare disease community and create technology to break down research silos. A Public Benefit Corporation is a company that weighs social good in its business decision-making.

As part of our PBC structure, AllStripes will advocate for the importance of real-world evidence in the development of treatments and is continuing to build tools that make research more inclusive for the global rare disease community. For more information on AllStripes as a Public Benefit Corporation, read our full PBC charter.

A Thank You to Our Partners and Collaborators

We would like to thank the communities that have come together on AllStripes, especially the incredible AllStripes Ambassadors and dedicated patient organizations who have helped rally their communities to further research. We are proud to partner with Allo Hope Foundation, Angioma Alliance, Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund, Batten Disease Support and Research Association, The Chandler Project, Children’s Tumor Foundation, the CLOVES Syndrome Community, Cure GM1 Foundation, Cure IBM, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, Cure VCP Disease, Cure Mito Foundation, Cystinosis Research Network, Firefly Fund, GoPI3Ks, IDefine, the International Foundation for CDKL5 Research, International Society for Mannosidosis and Related Diseases, Love Never Sinks, Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham’s Disease Alliance, MitoAction, Morquio Community, Myositis Support and Understanding, National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association, NF2 Biosolutions, Niemann-Pick Canada, PSP & CBD Foundation, SLC6A1 Connect, Stand by Eli and WonderFIL Smiles.

AllStripes is also proud to collaborate with various biopharmaceutical companies and other entities on real-world evidence studies, including: HemoShear Therapeutics, Inc., Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Taysha Gene Therapies, Inc., UCB Biopharma SRL and Novartis Pharma AG. These joint research programs aim to enhance clinical understanding of rare disease treatment research.

If you are part of a patient organization interested in partnering with AllStripes, please reach out to If you are with a life sciences company and are interested in collaborating on research, please visit to request a demo.

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