Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AllStripes?
What is the story behind AllStripes?
Why are you working on rare diseases?
Who do you work with in the rare disease community?
What type of research projects are you working on?
Will AllStripes gather my records for me?
Do I have to pay a fee to participate and receive access to my health records?
How do you identify which rare diseases to work on?
How do you find patients?
How is AllStripes changing the system in rare disease?
How is AllStripes funded?
Who can access the research?
How are you different from a patient registry?
Who has access to my data?
How do you keep my data private and secure?
Can I download my own information?
Why do you need my help?
Can I refer someone?
Can I work with you?
I have another question, but it’s not listed above. Who do I contact?
Will you let me know when you share my de-identified data with anyone?